Float boring cutter | Boring cutter series

Boring cutter of float of series of boring cutter of | of float boring cutter is used at machining precision to ask Gaojunei the aperture with longer diameter, apply to accurate machinery to make commonly, the domain such as car and aviation engine. It can be in do not damage the circumstance of aperture falls, will assure the diameter of aperture, circularity through tiny adjustment. . .

Of milling machine and grinder distinguish

With traditional sheet photograph of head milling machine is compared, milling machine of numerical control double head can undertake to workpiece both sides product mill face is machined at the same time, a person can operate much stage facility, reduce setting time, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce moving cost. Milling machine of ordinary numerical control, it is the facility that use milling cutter has machining. . .

: of tool industry research? Shipboard sweeps past the? that feed cabin homebred change help strength, tool industry is static wait for a flower

Sort of fractionize of 1.1 cutting tool is various, hard alloy takes dominant place 1.1.1 by treatment means is classified, lathe tool makes dosage the biggest, auger cut cutting tool to design difficulty most complex move by cutting and edge appearance, can be cutting tool cent general cutting tool, figuration cutting tool and special knife. . .

Cutting tool of 7 cutter shaft equipment configure cutting tool of woodiness floor processing example

(1) cuts milling cutter to regard equipment of 7 cutter shaft as the first knife beforehand it is horizontal cutter shaft commonly, cut milling cutter to be installed for the level normally beforehand. Its machine the effect that basically has two sides: It is the treatment amount that reduces follow-up process. 2 it is the watch that the one side place that relies on feet stands by to form after cutting tool is machined beforehand. . .

Machine treatment is medium how to choose cutting tool correctly

The classification of cutting tool is very much, appearance looks be like same the milling cutter the standard, immanent construction is completely actually different, in 2 dimension detect the distinction that issues you to just can discover them. Cutting tool cent is cutting tool of cutting stainless steel, cutting tool of cutting aluminium alloy, cutting is plastic cutting tool, press gold. . .

Machinery amounts to a person how to cut off iron, all-purpose milling machine cuts off horizontal workpiece

When the step range with ② milling vertical plane is wider and narrower horizontal, can use vertical milling cutter to be on vertical milling machine milling, also can use install on horizontal milling machine all-purpose when the step range with the vertical plane of milling of methodological milling; that establishs milling head is narrower and wider horizontal, can use milling of face milling cutter. . .
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