Metal cutting cutting tool

Because how this improves the service life of metallic cutting cutting tool,already made one of tasks that solve urgently currently. Fall in normal working requirement (include normal grinding) , service life of common lathe tool is 5000~8000h; Establish milling cutter service life to be 3000~4000 H about; Broach. . .

Mill planer knife first

Because the cutting tool when milling and workpiece move relatively, the cutting tool that uses high speed to rotate so will machine precision and exterior quality. Accordingly, the cutting that uses multiform cutting tool extensively in milling to complete work works. The sort that uses cutting tool according to place is different, can divide for: Whole. . .

Cutting tool so name, be clear at a glance of type, dimension! - machine tool business affairs net

Category group 1 Xxyyy (milling cutter kind) : 110 spherical milling cutter (cylinder milling cutter, ever since alphabetical Y represents milling cutter diameter, be the same as slightly below) 120 establish milling cutter 140 planar milling cutter 2 Xxyyy of group of category of knife of 150 garden Pan Xi (broach kind) 200 twist drill (ever since alphabetical Y. . .

Snick of turning, mill basket special cutting tool, cubic nitrogen changes boron (CBN) cutting tool

Mill cut: of ball basket cutting tool? Qu of Tao  rotten Sui comforts choke is held in the palm cut old man consult is raceway of Na Meng? ) milling, with the window milling of cage, hua Ling exceeds hard CBN milling cutter to have taller high temperature wearability and thermal stability, point passes special processing technology, have higher blade ministry intensity and stability. . .

The tool grinding machine of ABC of cutting tool technology commonly used vocabulary

Helix of Helix Lead/helix Angel of chamfer of bits of platoon of Profile/flute of edge of arris of Land of the horn before End Mill establishs Rake Angel of the horn after Reamer of tap of milling cutter Tap wrings Relief Angel of vertex angle of knife Point Angel is long / helix angle Cutting Edge. . .

Numerical control curiums the 100 divisions introduction of mill machine

Traditional cut plank pattern is put in the problem of cut blind angle, but curium with numerical control mill opportunity is perfect solved this problem. And the surface that numerical control curiums treatment of mill machine cut goes out is very slick, the dig mill that need not have later period again is handled, can use directly. Can huge rises. . .

Cutting tool of numerical control treatment has so much actually necessary skill!

2, taller precision. As machining center, flexible the development of production system, requirement cutting tool can come true to be mixed quickly change a knife automatically; Because the part of treatment is increasingly complex,mix again nicety, this must have taller appearance precision with respect to requirement cutting tool. Some establish the radial rule of milling cutter. . .

What new technology did cutting tool of turning, milling have again?

04, establish milling cutter CoroMill with the integral hard alloy that machines at titanium alloy antrum? Dc CoroMill of × of Plura HFS ISO S 5? D of × of Plura HFS 5 is a kind of new-style hard alloy establishs milling cutter, special machine at titanium alloy antrum, cutting tool length can amount to a diameter. . .

Hard alloy boring cutter | Alloy boring cutter - contest silent numerical control

Boring cutter of alloy of | of hard alloy boring cutter - a kind boring cutter of hard alloy of the numerical control that surpass silent is boring cutting tool, be round handle commonly, also greater work uses square arbor, it is a kind of cutting tool that is used at machining workpiece interior aperture, basically use at accurate machining, car to make, aviation. . .
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