Cutting tool of milling of high speed of aluminium radical carborundum -- CDW302 material is qualitative PCD milling cutter

CDW302 material pledges PCD milling cutter has a variety of configuration, can satisfy the treatment requirement of different operating mode. Milling cutter of the blade that be like sheet, helix milling cutter, double blade milling cutter, ball head milling cutter is waited a moment, following plan institute are shown. Outspread read: Hua Ling exceeds hard, exceed strong cutting tool as our country homebred the pioneer that change, . . .

The computation of parameter of cutting tool cutting of CNC treatment is formulary

It is generally speaking by experience, master teaching is prentice. . . Acting acting according to legend, come basically if saying, also do not have what big question, domestic and international business is main it is such, but also have exception, I remember a fellow previously has said with me he applies for the experience of the foreign enterprise, problem end is old. . .
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