CNC machining complex why milling cutter cannot be used at aperture of bore with a reamer directly. But can use at amending aperture the position is spent

We see this work first, this face is a datum plane, flatness asks 2, of 12 aperture of these two φ homocentric spend 2, the axis that at the same time two the c […]

Numerical control machines the milling cutter of a few numerical control that must master, be like round nose knife, ball knife wait

1.The introduction of cutting toolCutting tool of numerical control treatment must get used to numerical control machine tool high speed, efficient with the cha […]

Yi Sika: ? Car of コ of carboxyl of fish hawk of talk in one's sleep of  of  of a huge legendary turtle of Lan aspic Wo  ?

IntroductiveIn raising thick mill to machine considerably, every age feed, means of this one treatment is called fast feed milling (FF) or big feed milling (HFM […]

Super- establish milling cutter principle completely to explain, no matter be cutting tool,sale or operator of a gleam of should look

Those who establish milling cutter advocate cutting blade is on columnar face, the cutting blade on end panel is deputy cutting blade. Feed motion cannot be mad […]

Hua Ling exceeds turning of hard alloy roller to cut cutting tool of costal region CBN/PCD, the industry is efficient fall an edge tool

2, at present the cutting tool of chamfer of crescent moon of pass roller mill already was more mature cutting tool product, call milling cutter coming back, flying milling cutter, roller to engrave costal region knife again. Hua Ling exceeds hard, as exceed strong cutting tool homebred the pioneer that change, there is old experience on the milling cutter coming back of chamfer of mill roller crescent moon, basis classics. . .
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