The letter can be engraved on hair silk, this milling cutter of the company achieves world record

China End Mills / End Milling Cutter
Break a wall: Come true " the carve characters on a seal on grain of rice "

The eye is looking at cutting tool of the first target be about to grinding shapes, severe learns agitato of wide difficult curb to run back to the office, call out work in the same placing will surround view. That evening, the group has a meal together celebrate. Many days 100, "Suffer, nervous, tired feeling vanishs completely eventually, as if came to beautiful new world " , his appearance says, oneself have one to plant " the double joyance that discovered the New World-the Americas and success of ascend Mount Everest, what can alter future let his thought flow freely " .

It is Li Xuean of 42 years old, it is controller of research and development of project of milling cutter of diameter of 0.01 millimeter minimum. Chance of first research and development comes from a client complain. 2020 end, ever the client says some cutting tool that he cannot be bought with Li Xuean, "Since your Jin Zhou makes miniature cutting tool, can you do this? " and in his impression, at that time the milling cutter on the market, the diameter is lesser is 0.1 millimeter.

At the beginning of 2021, with the client after many delibrate hind, li Xuean realizes high-end nicety cutting tool " card neck " the seriousness of the problem. The course develops for years, the level of accurate treatment is already different former days, be opposite as the modern technology such as communication minor volume, low power comsumption, muti_function, efficient those who wait for a requirement put forward, the market machines demand to nicety already not just confine is in 1 millimeter, 0.1 millimeter, 0.01 millimeter, 0.02 millimeter also have actual demand, the accurate treatment time of 10 micron level has come. In addition, this tool involves key trade, so the supply of cutting tool of dinky diameter nicety turns into crucial point. Here big environment falls, accurate cutting tool of Jin Zhou cannot stop in notional phase, the technology cannot use reserve only, and want translate into product, be sure to is solid solid in these crucial domains applying, produce effect.

Origin: Suffer the person that visit

Instantly, the ability of technical research and development that place of 0.01 millimeter milling cutter reflects, already opened for Jin Zhou company more extensive famous spend and market space. Jin Zhou is at present dinky diameter milling cutter the diameter 0.02 millimeter and above limits label applied form cutting tool. Luo Chunfeng expresses, Of 0.01 millimeter milling cutter come out, draw the product shipment amount that used 0.02 millimeter and close norms directly, "A lot of chip that do not know us so are sealed measure and enterprise of accurate medical apparatus and instruments searched " .

Luo Chunfeng still expresses, jin Zhou is big now of batch shipment is 0.1 millimeter minimum way is small auger, the groovy product appearance that follows millimeter of ~0.5 of on the market 0.2 millimeter is a lot of smaller than wanting, volume of every months of shipment already amounted to many 400, use at machining an outfit support plate of chip form a complete set, "This is PCB tool technology the demand is top, also be the product with additional highest cost " .

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