How does milling cutter hold clip, having a few little skill always is us do not know

Cutting tool is the component with numerical control main machining center, perfect treatment exercise cannot leave the rational application of cutting tool. Contemporary cutting tool and the cutting tool in the past are having the connection of countless ties, with a lot of things, the cutting tool of instantly is technical carrier, the miracle that investment of much scientific research creates the science and technology that is swift and violent development and tool manufacturer. Next small the installation skill that writes everybody introduction to establish milling cutter.

Install clip little skill:

1.In all treatment application, use snickersnee power as far as possible. In addition, cutting tool ought to be installed as far as possible inside knife handle. This can raise knife handle to hold power to the clip of cutting tool, reduce vibration. Carry cutting tool from main shaft bazoo most advanced distance is shorter, tigidity is taller. Tigidity means the vibration in cutting process higher fewer.

7.Undertake cutting adds man-hour to use proper rotate speed and feed rate. The general use guide that most tool manufacturer provided cutting tool (be based on treatment material) . Although the manufacturer proposal about cutting tool rotate speed and feed speed was you to offer,go to the lavatory, but offer reference only. Below most circumstance, these suggest the value is to be based on ideal condition, be not all and applicable. To adjusting for the cutting condition of cutting tool, experience is very precious. Flutter and vibration may happen, you may need to change rotate speed and feed speed to improve these conditions.

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